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Christian (M)>

Christian (male)

Variants:Cairistine (M) Carsten (M) Christer (M) Christianus (M) Christin (M) Karsten (M) Kristen (M) Xtian (M) Xtianus (M)
Diminutive(s):Chris (M) Chrisn (M) Christ (M) Christain (M) Christn (M)
Pet Name(s):Christie (M) Christy (M) Chrstie (M) Kit (M)
Lesser Synonym(s):Christopher (M)
Can be spelt:Chrishan (M) Christan (M) Christen (M) Cristian (M)
Feminine form:Christian (F) Christiana (F) Christine (F) Kirsteen (F) Kirstin (F)
Source(s): English Parish Register
FreeCEN 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire
The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG

English and, especially, Scottish. Via Latin and Greek from Hebrew Messiah, "anointed".

This has been a popular forename in Scotland, particularly in the period since the publication of John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" although it was not uncommon earlier. It is occasionally used as a synonym for Christopher. In Scotland it is more often used as a female name.

There are many spelling variations in the 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire. Details of the variations in spelling are detailed under the female variant of Christian [q.v.].

Note that many old documents and some later ones replaced the first five letters with the single letter X, e.g. Xtian. In the older documents a Latin masculine ending -us was normally added, giving Christianus or Xtianus, modified for Latin case endings.